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Our IT security courses are designed by industry leaders who provide in-depth Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), CISA, CISM, CASP, and ethical hacker training. We offer private and on-site IT security classes to meet your organizational needs.

CISSP Certification Training 

Master the Information Security skills you need fast and get CISSP certified by attending our CISSP Certification Training. Our program combines an accelerated CBK review with proven certification preparation program that includes the CISSP Exam Cram2 Study Guide. 

Duration: 5 Days


Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

Learn defensive Information Security techniques in one of our most popular courses, Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing  training. Our hacking training class takes you beyond a basic tool review and teaches you the same hacking techniques used by white-hat, ethical hackers. Participants will receive a copy of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Exam Cram2 Study Guide.

Duration: 5 Days


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Huffington Post  - How to speak like a hacker.

Hackers Targeting smart phones and other mobile devices - Michael Gregg is interviewed by CBS News Business and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis on common cell phone attack vectors. Mr. Gregg demonstrates some common smartphone attacks.
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Superior Solutions, Inc. in The New York Times: Phone Hacking Threat Is Low, but it Exists.
Michael Gregg, founder of Superior Solutions, Inc., featured
in The New York Times.


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Network Security Services, Ethical Hacking, and Cyber Security Training

At Superior Solutions, Inc., we focus on two key areas to help you secure your critical assets: Network Security Services (Ethical Hacking) and Cyber Security Training.

Network Security Services 

We can identify your IT security risks, vulnerabilities, and exposures to cyber threats such as viruses, Trojans, and hackers. If you're looking for an external security review, penetration test, or a security assessment, we can help! Each network security service is designed to see if the protective controls of a given system or network can be bypassed and exploited. Our team of IT security experts drives home the reality that vulnerabilities do exist and that assessments need to be performed to ensure that your critical assets are adequately protected. Our qualified penetration testers are CISSP, CISA, NSA IAM, and CEH certified.

Our computer security audits and penetration tests are conducted by certified cyber security experts. We perform systematic and measurable technical assessments with the goal of discovering how your organization's security policies map to specific activities at a specific site or location. Our team of seasoned ethical hackers, cyber security experts, and IT auditors interact with your employees to understand the resources that need to be secured.

Cyber Security Training

We offer interactive and intensive boot camps and certification training on computer and cyber security. Do you want to sharpen your information security skills, learn how to assess IT network vulnerabilities, discover the fine art of ethical hacking and penetration testing, get an introduction to digital forensics and cyber crime, or prepare for certification in CISSP, CISA, CISM, SSCP, CPTS, etc.? Our security experts provide the hands-on training you need to accomplish your goals.

The Solution Firm

We advise government agencies, corporate executives, IT organizations, and other professionals on how to secure critical information assets. Whether you need a security audit, a network vulnerability assessment, or IT security training; we’re your one stop IT security solution.


Latest Security Video


Firesheep, Michael Gregg, Cyber Security Expert

Fox News: Snooping on WiFi Users and RFID Hacking Mr. Michael Gregg, also known as the 'Ethical Hacker,' a certified information security professional, demonstrates on FOX News how technological advancement means important financial information can be stolen electronically.

CNBC: Michael Gregg is interviewed by CNBC on cyber hacking that the threat of APT's.

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