Smart Phone Malware Continues To Spread

While Android users may have previously felt secure, attacks against these devices continue to grow.  A new Android Trojan known as Geinimi  is quickly spreading in China. Security researchers have reverse engineered the malicious code and discovered that Geinimi has the capability to: Send location coordinates (find and identify your current location) Send smart phone identifiers (IMEI and IMSI) Download and prompt the user to install additional applications and malware Prompt the user to uninstall applications such as anti-virus Enumerate and send a list of installed apps to the server In the past I have discussed smart phone hacking with the New York Times and how these devices are an emerging attack vector. Desktop and laptop computers are no longer the dominant form of computing and threats targeting the smartphone and tablet markets have topped the list of several cyber security surveys for 2011. How much information do you keep on your smartphone or table computer and how do you protect it?

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