Are you Ready for Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing offers many benefits, but, it also changes the security equation. Historically, companies kept critical data behind firewalls.  Cloud computing is having a huge impact on the de-perimiterization of network boundaries.  It’s a game changer in that assets are placed outside of corporate firewalls.

Consider this, with cloud computing, you lose control over the assets in the cloud.  Moving to the cloud environment means you are not only giving up logical security, but also physical security.  Basic questions to consider include:

1.    Where’s the physical location of the data?
2.    Who has access to the data or resource?
3.    What regulatory requirements do you fall under as far as protection of the data or resource?
4.    What are the service level agreement (SLA) terms?
5.    What is the long term viability of the provider?

At the end of the day, security is always about the weakest link.  Can you trust your service provider?  What level of control are they providing?  I will be exploring these types of cloud computing security issues at this year’s Fusion 11 conference.

I hope to see you there.

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