Are You Practicing Safe Shopping?

These days we find the news filled with information about those who have been victimized in numerous ways.  Identity theft and stolen credit information are examples of attacks that can be prevented with knowledge and action on your part.  Here are some tips to help you practice Safe Shopping Online.

While not everyone is a cyber security expert, online security is something you should be very aware of.  Just as you would not go into a dangerous part of town without some sort of protection, or would avoid it all together – it is best to avoid websites you can’t verify how safe they are.  With common anti-virus/anti-malware software programs and by simply looking at the address bar of your web browser to spot the lock symbol and https in the browser bar, you can be reasonably sure that you are not heading down the “Scary Alley” of viruses or cyber attackers.

Major (brand name) websites like, Barnes & Noble and others spend a lot of time and money on security features for their sites.  When a purchase is made, you can be reasonably assured that your credit information is secure from prying eyes who want to do damage to your credit and potentially steal your identity.  That is not to say that lesser known retailers online should not be patronized, rather you should look for the same quality security in any online retailer.

Look for the signage on the site displaying information like “Secured by SSL.”  You can also look for trusted names in the payment industry like VeriSign and their “VeriSign Trusted Seal” or is another verification service that has a distinctive label their userscan/will usually proudly display.   These two payment gateways allow you to stay on the website where you started shopping.  However, there are other third-party payment gateways like PayPal.  A third-party gateway usually means that you will be taken away from the website you were shopping to complete the sale and make a payment.  PayPal is also a trusted payment processor in the industry, but keep in mind that caution should be used whenever you are taken away from a website that you know and trust.

Superior Solutions will be looking into more online safety issues in the coming weeks.  Online security is a high priority for Superior Solutions and the company believes in educating the public at workshops and events throughout the country.  Please contact us for more information on how we can work with your business to secure your infrastructure to provide your customers and employees with the safest online experiences possible.

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