The Prevalence of Cyber Crime

While many people acknowledge the prevalence of hacking and cyber crime, many, including businesses, do not take the necessary steps to ensure their cyber security. Even though there have been so many big cyber hacking cases exposed such as Target, Home Depot, Sony, and Anthem.  Then there is the other side of hacking, the part that no one see’s. Because much of hacking is undetected, it is difficult to estimate the total number of people that have been hacked, though it is safe to say that almost everyone has been affected by cyber crime of some sort. Professionals urge both people and businesses to consider the effects of cyber crime, hoping that they will take more serious steps to prevent destructive hacking.

A article by by NBC News discusses how even experts of cyber security struggle to keep hackers away. While the experts use high tech security for their businesses, they are forced to use low tech equipment for their personal use. Of the widespreadness of hacking, former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff stated,
“There are two types of people: those who have been hacked, and those who don’t know they’ve been hacked.”

Because of their knowledge and experience with hacking, many cyber security experts have become obsessed with preventing cyber crime. Eugene Kaspersky, owner of the anti-virus software company Kaspersky, admits to being paranoid about cyber crime, and even uses a six year old Sony Ericsson cellphone because it is more difficult to hack, according to the article.

Although many businesses have already taken the steps for their cyber security, others are still lacking and are putting themselves at considerable risk. The constant skepticism from experts about cyber security signals that everyone should take cyber crime seriously. While people who do not have sufficient cyber security can be damaged by hacking, businesses that do not have sufficient security put themselves at even more risk, as they have more data to lose, more information to depend on, and more money at stake.

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