How Data Brokers Threaten Your Privacy and Resell Your Information

Data brokers are buying, sharing and selling your information online.  While you have probably never heard of these companies…. they know all sorts of information about you and have most likely added you into a category such as: Financially Challenged, Democrat, Republican, Expectant Parent, or even Bible Lifestyle.

That’s not all they know. Their database of information includes address, property ownership, income, criminal records, family members, and even hobbies. If you have searched for something on the Internet or make online purchases data brokers know it.

From smart phone apps that spy on you to wearable’s and fitness trackers that record your every heartbeat, more and more of you personal data is tracked and resold to data brokers. Michael Gregg’s new article explores how data brokers threaten consumer privacy.  Read more about this topic at Michael Gregg‘s  Huffington Post article.

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