Ransomware / Data Sabotage – A Growing Threat

Michael Gregg has a new article out on Cyber-ransom that’s featured in the FBI’s Law Enforcement Bulletin. The article examines the growing risk of data sabotage. Ransomware is the perfect, digital weapon for a saboteur as it’s extremely destructive and difficult to remove.

data sabotage Ransonware Jackware

Cyber-ransom is basically a data sabotage threat that has spread quickly over the last several years. Ransomware is known by many names such as Reveton, CryptoLocker, and CryptoWall among others. Regardless the name, the objective is the same, payment!  Attackers instruct those infected to provide payment and only then will the ransomware be removed.

If this is not bad enough, security experts are discussing the theoretical concept of Jackware. While this is currently theoretical, cyber security researchers foresee the day when ransomware may migrate to automobiles. The idea is that hackers would disable cars until victims pay. You can read more about that here: Five Ways Your Car Can Be Hacked

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