IRS Tax Scams to Watch Out For in 2017

News Studio Michael Gregg Interview Cyber

Michael Gregg Cyber Security Interview

Tax Season is here and that means it’s time to watch out for hackers, scammers, and criminals. Criminals will be targeting your tax return. Michael Gregg was interviewed by Fox News on the tax scams of 2017. Mr. Gregg warned viewers to watch out for the these three types of IRS tax scams in 2017:

  1. Tax refund fraud: Criminals will steal your personal data in order to file fake tax returns on your behalf, thereby stealing your refund.
  2. Identity theft: Criminals will impersonate the IRS, threaten taxpayers with fines and penalties, in order to trick them into disclosing sensitive personal information which they can use for future frauds and financial theft.
  3. Financial theft: Criminals will impersonate the IRS to trick taxpayers into making payments directly to them, via credit card, wire transfer, etc.


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