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Did “Russian speaking operatives” create the Red October malware to invade specific organizations’ computers, networks and smartphones?

Last October, a world-name in IT anit-virus security and research, Kaspersky, revealed the workings of five-year old malware program hitting on networks throughout “diplomatic, governmental and scientific research organizations,” according to a post on SecureList.org, “The Red October Campaign…An Advanced … Continue reading

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The Threat of Apple Malware – Does Your Mac Need Protection?

For many years Apple users have not worried about malware to the extent Microsoft Windows users have.  Has the immunity to malware finally come to an end? Some might say yes, while others disagree. Apple computers no longer hold the … Continue reading

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War Texting with your Smartphone to Hack Cars

While it may seem far fetched to some, security researchers at Black Hat recently demonstrated how cars can be hacked via war texting.  Most remote control automotive systems use a cellular connection embedded in cars to provide these services.  The … Continue reading

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Smartphones Come Under Fire for Security Issues

It seems that this is going to be the year that smartphones start to get more security exposure.  In December of 2009, President Obama’s cyber czar commented on the rising threat of smartphone attacks. The iPhone has been targeted with … Continue reading

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