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Top Ten Places Cyber Criminals Go to Steal Your Identity

Are you ever uneasy about all the companies that want your social security number and other personal information?  A recent study compiled by McAfee, featured on eSecurity Planet, listed the top ten most hacked industries. While the Internet has brought … Continue reading

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Smartphones Come Under Fire for Security Issues

It seems that this is going to be the year that smartphones start to get more security exposure.  In December of 2009, President Obama’s cyber czar commented on the rising threat of smartphone attacks. The iPhone has been targeted with … Continue reading

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Ethical Hacking Cloud Computing Concerns

Cloud computing is something that continues to grow in popularity. While cloud computing offers many benefits, there are significant security concerns when considering moving critical applications and sensitive data to public and shared cloud environments.  Some items to consider include: … Continue reading

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Wireless Vulnerabilities are a Tempting Target for Cyber Criminals and Hackers

Wireless continues to be a big security concern as it is a primary attack vector for hackers.  It is also something that needs to be closely examined during a security assessment.   Even if your not part of a ethical hacking … Continue reading

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Assessing Malware Found During a Network Security Assessment

If there is anything to be learned from the continued security breaches and cyber attacks that we’ve witnessed this year is that companies must have a good incident response plan in place and be prepared to deal with advanced threats … Continue reading

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