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Did “Russian speaking operatives” create the Red October malware to invade specific organizations’ computers, networks and smartphones?

Last October, a world-name in IT anit-virus security and research, Kaspersky, revealed the workings of five-year old malware program hitting on networks throughout “diplomatic, governmental and scientific research organizations,” according to a post on SecureList.org, “The Red October Campaign…An Advanced … Continue reading

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Three Years Later – Agent.btz Worm Still a Threat

Three years after a devastating breach of U.S. military networks new versions of the malware, known as agent.btz, is still considered a threat. While it’s widely believed that the Russians or Chinese may have created this worm to spy on … Continue reading

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Stuxnet changes cyber security battlefield

While many things are unknown about Stuxnet, what is known is that it marks a critical change in cyber war.   So much so that Kaspersky labs describes it as “a prototype of a cyber-weapon that will lead to the creation … Continue reading

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