What is a Cyber Security Expert?

A cyber security expert can be defined as a person focused on the branch of IT security dealing with information technology and the protection of data and systems in networks that are connected to the Internet. A cyber security expert must have skills in vulnerability assessment, information systems monitoring, incident response, and securing information systems that are connected to the Internet. Cyber security experts must have the ability to prevent, defend, detect, and respond to cyber attacks and threats. 

Roles For The Cyber Security Expert

The number of roles for cyber security professionals is increasing; some of these job roles include:
• Cyber Intelligence Analyst
• Cyber Policy Analyst
• Cyber Operations Planner
• Cyber Operations Professional
• Cyber Business Professional
• Cyber Intel Specialist
• Cyber Compliance Analyst
• Cyber Software Engineer
• Cyber Security Engineer
• Cyber Forensic Specialist
• Cyber Response Specialist

Cyber Security News

The U.S. government is taking a much stronger stance toward cyber security. President Barack Obama has committed his administration to the security of the nation's networks and computers. The president has pushed forward the creation of a national strategy that will build strong relationships with key groups in the private and public sectors, building a framework for a unified response to cyber incidents, boosting cyber security research and development, and promoting national awareness of cyber security issues.

Education For Ethical Hackers And Cyber Security Experts 

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The Need for Cyber Security Experts

If you are interested in moving into a growing IT security job market, you may want to consider cyber security. The best way to move into one of these IT security roles is to get training. You may want to consider our cyber security fundamentals training class. This class will provide you with a high level view of the cyber security playing field. You will learn skills you need and perform a variety of hands-on labs to obtain skills you can use that will lead you on the path to become a Cyber Security Expert.

Recent Cyber Security Incidents

The last several years has seen a real rise in cyber attacks, cyber crime, denial of service attacks, and the release of malware and malicious code. Some of these events include:
•Cyber spies probed the U.S. power grid and planted malicious software hoping to cause future disruptions in SCADA systems.
•The Pentagon's Joint Strike Fighter program being breached by cyber hackers.
•U.S. officials rejecting a planned cyber attack against Iraqi financial computers because of connections to the world financial market.
•The first cyber attack to accompany an actual war occurring during the Russian-Georgian conflict.
•Cyber attacks against Google that were traced to Chinese attackers.
•The Mariposa Botnet which by some reports had infected 13 million PCs, compromised Fortune 1000 companies, and was also capable of spreading via the Internet and thumb drives.
•The accused cloning of a government laptop computer during a visit to China by former Commerce Secretary, Carlos M. Gutierrez.

Cyber Security Expert

Cyber Security Threats
Cyber security is something that every company must take seriously. 
These threats come from two broad areas that include cyber war and cyber crime. The threats are real and include:
• Money and data theft through virus infection
• Loss of personal, sensitive, or company data
• Identity theft
• The use of company networks to spread malware or illegal software

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