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Whether you represent the defendant or plaintiff, the use of a qualified cyber security expert can be invaluable in analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Michael Gregg is an IT and cyber security expert who has been working in the cyber security field for more than 20 years performing penetration tests, authoring over 15 books and developing courseware for leading colleges and universities. Michael has developed the ability to explain complex, security topics to a range of technical and non-technical individuals in terms anyone can understand. 

Our IT security experts are available to provide expert witness services and security consulting to a wide array of individual and corporate clients. Our experience of over more than 20 years has enabled us to work with government, corporate, and individuals to meet the ever-changing demands of litigation support.

Cyber Security Expert

Instead of hiring an unknown entity for your expert witness work, give us a call to find out how Michael Gregg can help you; he is someone that knows cyber security and can clearly articulate answers under cross-examination. 

As Mr. Gregg has performed security assessments, written about many security topics, and taught these topics at seminars and major conferences, he understands the details and can explain them in common terms.


Our litigation support and expert witness services are available. For more information, please contact us at Superior Solutions, Inc. One of our representatives will respond to your inquiry immediately.



IT and Cyber Security Expert Witness

Cyber crime is on the increase and many of today's biggest criminal and civil cases involve computer technology.  The difference between a favorable or unfavorable ruling often comes down to how effective technical evidence can be described to a judge and/or jury in terms they can relate to. 

Michael Gregg is our lead cyber security expert and has a solid foundation of IT technical knowledge and computer security expertise needed to help clients navigate today's highly technical landscape. He has served as an expert witness and testified to the consequences of of cybercrime and stolen identity.

Expert Testimony

Expert testimony is a very powerful source of evidence in court. Expert testimony can report on the computer forensic facts of a case and are essential in supporting your side in litigation. Mr. Gregg and his team of experts at Superior Solutions, Inc. can serve as your consulting experts and/or testifying experts. Areas of cyber security include: regulatory compliance, smart phones, security policies, remote access, mobile computing, wireless network security, identity theft, etc. Mr. Gregg is available for research and testing, consulting, testifying in a deposition, and testifying in court. Mr. Gregg will deliver the answers you need to win your case. 

Expert Witness Areas of Expertise

1. Tracking the source of specific IP traffic to determine the network and origin.
2. Tracing emails and electronic information.
3. Assessing a possible cyber attack for risk of exposure, corruption of confidential information, extent of compromise, and corrective course of action.
4. Recovering encrypted data.
5. Reviewing policies and procedures to map them back to industry best practices.
6. Studying electronic evidence.
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