Michael Gregg Demo’s how Snooping on Strangers is Made Easy with Firesheep

I blogged about sidejacking last week.  This is a common threat and one that cyber security experts have identified as a major security flaw since at least 2004. Fox News asked Michael Gregg to stop by their studio and demonstrate the tool for viewers to get a better idea of how anyone can use Firesheep to spy on other wireless users. Many sites maintain user access by means of a cookie. Cookies are used to validate users to Facebook, Twitter, and other sites through an unencrypted channel. Firesheep allows a hacker to steal a user’s cookie. With this cookie, a hacker or malicious individual will have full access to the victim’s/user’s profile. To see more of my Firesheep hacking interview with Fox News click here: Firesheep Hacking.

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