The DHS Cyber Security Infrastructure Protection Act of 2010

What are your thoughts on giving DHS oversight over portions of the Internet?  A new bill, HR 6423, is planning on doing just that.  This bill would give DHS the right to regulate portions of the Internet that is deemed as critical infrastructure?  Some of the items in the bill include: Creating a new Cyber Security Compliance Division Requiring DHS to work with ISP’s to develop tailored security plans Is better cyber security needed? I believe so.  Over the last several years, we have witnessed reports from The Wall Street Journal of malware being placed on systems connected to the power grid and news of Stuxnet, malware designed to target SCADA systems. What mix of private/public oversight is right and how much control should the U.S. government have? Fox News asked our COO, Michael Gregg, to comment on this pending legislation.  That article can be found here: House bill would give DHS power to regulate firms for cybersecurity

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