Ethical Hacking Cloud Computing Concerns

Cloud computing is something that continues to grow in popularity. While cloud computing offers many benefits, there are significant security concerns when considering moving critical applications and sensitive data to public and shared cloud environments.  Some items to consider include:

1.    Where’s the data?
2.    Who has access?
3.    Do you have the right to audit?
4.    What are the service level agreement (SLA) terms?
5.    What is the long term viability of the provider?

As more companies move to cloud computing, look for cyber criminals and hackers to target these systems.  While there are many potential threats a few to consider include:

1. Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
2. Authentication attacks
3. Man in the middle attacks

Just as there are advantages to cloud computing there are also several key security issues to keep in mind. One big issue is that cloud computing moves portions of the organizations data outside the company’s natural perimeter and places data outside the company’s controls.  You should perform a risk assessment and closely review the types of protection the cloud based service provider is offering.

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