6 Tips for Online Tax Services

The deadline for your Federal Tax Returns this year is Tuesday, April 17th and is less than a month away.  More and more people are taking the opportunity to file their taxes online over the internet.  It’s not only quicker and easier – the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) actually encourages you to do this and you may actually get a refund faster when you e-file.

There are many reputable online tax preparation web sites and packages – TurboTax Online, HR Block at Home, TaxAct, and others.  Any of these online tax web sites will need to collect personal information from you in order to complete the process and file your taxes with the IRS.  That personal information is extremely valuable to people looking to steal your identity and commit identity fraud.  The key question becomes:  How do you prepare your taxes online and keep your identity safe?

Tip #1 – “Never use a public computer to file your taxes”

Tip #2 – “Be on the alert for aggressive tax prep emails in your inbox”

Tip #3 – “If using online tax software, look for SSL encryption and security authentication services such as VeriSign”

Tip #4 – “Always use Internet security software and be sure to scan your computer before you begin your taxes to insure you do not have malware or spyware on your computer”

Tip #5 – “Don’t use public WiFi to file your taxes.  Hackers look for sensitive information on free WiFi networks.”

Tip #6 – “Make sure your anti-virus is up-to-date.  There are many free options available if you do not have anti-virus currently installed.”

Always be sure that you’re careful with any of your personal data when you go online. Superior Solutions is helping businesses everyday in an on-going fight with hackers and data thieves to protect themselves and their customers (you) from harm.  Contact us today to schedule your Security Vulnerability Assessment.

* You can find additional information on these online tax safety tips and more HERE.

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