Where Did You Leave Your Smart Phone?

Did you know that over 5.6 billion people own/use at least one cell phone? In the United States alone, over 91% of the population owns and/or uses a cell phone. (In Russia, that number is actually over 147% – indicating that almost half of the people there own at least 2 cell phones).

Our cell phones are important to us. They are so important to us that most people will know if their cell phone is missing within 2 minutes while the same people might not notice that their wallet is missing for over 2 hours. If you’ve ever lost your cell phone, you’ve felt both the panic and helplessness that millions of people experience every year. Thankfully, many cell phones now have the technology to protect and to find your lost cell phone.

Here are a few tips to provide you with some security and peace of mind:

1) Enable PIN security on your phone. This is your first and best line of defense to prevent unauthorized use on your lost or stolen phone.

2) Backup your phone. Most cell phone providers will now offer an online service that will wirelessly backup your phone to their online servers. If your provider doesn’t offer an online service, your phone may have a built-in backup to SD/micro-SD storage or you may be able to purchase an application to backup your contacts and pictures directly to your PC.

3) Sign up for a GPS-enabled locator service. There are applications and/or services – like Find My Phone and iCloud – that can be used to find your missing or stolen cell phone. Some people may worry about the privacy issues but those concerns will fade quickly the first time your cell phone goes missing.

These suggestions certainly apply to both personal and business cell phones. With the data transmitted and stored on today’s smartphone devices, there is a clear and present danger to your company’s network resources. Cyber security at the device level should be a key element in protecting your valuable information.

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