Should You Put Your Data in the Cloud? Is it Safe?

Google GDrive, Apple ICloud, Amazon Cloud Drive, and dozens of other storage services are campaigning furiously to host your data.  Some of these storage providers are focused on music, videos, books and other entertainment media while others like, Dropbox, Sugarsync and many others are more generic in their approach and just want to be your “drive in the sky.”  Each of the cloud network storage options out there have both benefits and drawbacks.  However, nearly everyone agrees that cloud storage is here to stay.  Some of the key features you want to look for in a cloud network storage provider:

  1. Price/Storage space ratio – nearly all of the available cloud providers offer a ‘free’ version of their service with a relatively small amount of storage available and the capability to upgrade on a “per gigabyte” basis.
  2. Device support – the real question here is platform availability.  This used to be a limited question of “Windows” or “Mac.”  But now, you need access to your data on your IPad, your Android phone, your Windows PC at work, and your Apple TV at home.  Better device support means more access to your data when and where you need it.
  3. Security/Network Encryption – Many of these providers implement encryption on their servers and even between their servers and your devices.  Some even provide for the client (meaning you as a user) to own/apply the encryption key in each of your clients.  This provides you with better control over who can access your sensitive files.  Depending on your needs, you may also research/implement client-side security for your data – programs like BoxCryptor, TrueCrypt, and CloudFogger to name a few.
  4. Reliability and Redundancy – Most, if not all, cloud network storage providers implement multiple layers of redundancy and backups for your data.  The more robust vendors actually provide built-in versioning support – allowing you to access multiple versions of your files as you’ve uploaded/modified them through your cloud storage service.

At Superior Solutions – we focus on network security, ethical hacking and cyber security training.  We recognize the value of these new and growing cloud storage network providers and encourage our clients to work with us to develop a cloud storage strategy that (a) makes sense for their business, (b) provides a secure and safe environment for their data.  Contact us today to learn how our consultants can help your business keep it’s most valuable data safe and secure in the Cloud.

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