Increase your chances of earning that Big Customer’s business with an assessment from a cyber-security expert at Superior Solutions

It’s a dubious honor at times to be the owner of a SMB: the operational concerns remain top-of-the-mind 24/7.

No surprise, then, that hackers continue to focus their cybercrime on the ‘low hanging’ fruit offered by the softly-defended likes of small organizations—all the more reason you need a systems analysis by a Cyber security expert at Superior Solutions.

Stepping Up SMB Security,” an article by Ericka Chickowski, on the DarkReadng/Security website reveals the uptick in hacker attacks keyed to the small business organization with less than 250 employees.

In fact, those blistering forays into the network actually more than doubled in 2012.

That means the prospects for a company looking to break into new markets, such as “certain classes of B2B clients” simply can’t turn away from “security anymore;” same is true if new markets are on the horizon, but will require new security mandates company wide.

Does your vendor offer…

It should be a commonplace: Your vendor should make available a “formal documented risk program.”

Such evidence is critical as SMB’s reach for more market share, and is a powerful notch on your readiness program that your potential Big Customer will likely accept in your bid start conducting business with them.

Don’t reinvent the document wheel…

As you implement new security strategies and showcase your growing capabilities to business prospects, document the process along the way.

Such a “master list” will provide an all-important guide of the “best practices important to your (new business) partners.”

Put our ‘best practices’ to work in your firm or organization; contact us to discover how our full complement of Computer Security and Cyber Security programs can help you reach that next level of customer contact…safely and profitably.

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