Businesses Must Be Proactive With Cyber Security Policies

Security breaches and intrusions have been in the spotlight as businesses across several sectors have reported damaging intrusions into their networks. Many of these have resulted in the theft of consumer personal data, or even worse, sensitive government information. Unfortunately, many companies continue to turn the other cheek when it comes to effective cyber security policies.

In fact, business firm, Deloitte reports that an astounding 88 percent of companies surveyed believed that they were not vulnerable to external cyber threats. Out of those, however, 59 percent stated that they had experienced some type of security incident in the past year.

The main reason for the lack of closer attention to cybersecurity was budget constraints. However, most believed that failure in employee awareness of security threats was a major obstacle as well. Bring your own device (BYOD) policies were also a major concern with 74 percent believing this made the workplace that much more vulnerable to security threats. As James Alexander, lead partner for TMT security at Deloitte states, “….each employee holds the keys to the castle and must understand that responsibility.”

Small to medium-sized businesses are just as, if not more vulnerable since they tend to not be as technologically equipped to handle cyber intrusions. Unfortunately, many don’t even think they will be targets. However, the truth is that a neighborhood community bank or credit union has an equal chance of being hacked as a larger financial institution does, potentially resulting in catastrophic results.

So what measures can be taken to educate businesses about the vulnerabilities of their networks? The solution is an independent assessment by security engineers and ethical hackers with penetration testing. This can expose holes in their current security policies and provide solutions that could effectively prevent an attack.

Superior Solutions offers an independent audit of your network to expose vulnerabilities that could lead to costly damages. Contact us for more information on our data security consulting services and training programs for your business.

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