Everyone Needs to be Responsible for Cyber Security

The threat of cyberspace attacks are a significant concern for businesses and individuals. The Internet is a great resource for finding information and to make a purchase. However, the use of personal data when online is a valid concern for cyber security initiatives. There are many risks that are present when using the Internet for business or pleasure.

One risk that is a constant presence online is phishing, SMiShing, and/or spear phishing. This risk involves the use of email or SMS messages and web pages that attempt to trick users into providing personal information. Remember that no bank, credit union, a government agency and all major businesses do not send emails asking for personal information.

A second risk to online users is the installation of spyware. This can occur when a user visits a website that runs a script to install a software program. Protection from spyware is provided with antivirus and anti-spyware. Ransom-ware has been one of the big attack vectors this year.

A third risk is the use of social media. Users of social media sites need to be aware of information posted online that may compromise their identity. Information can also be used by hackers to break into a computer system.

A fourth risk to business and home users is password protection. Users need to use strong passwords that others cannot easily guess. Passwords are needed for many secured sites online, such as banks and cloud computing companies. Passwords should be sufficiently long, not written down, and unique for each website or URL.

Three important aspects of security that need to be remembered each time the Internet is accessed. One will be to stop before you open your web browser. The second is to think about how personal information is being provided online. The third is to connect online and be responsible with online data. If you have a small business, then proper IT security training for all staff is needed.

Finally, make sure that you have a backup of personal data and ensure that your systems are protected against a cyber security breach. If you have any questions about cyber security and how you can protect yourself or your business, then contact us for more information.

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