Ethical Hacking Reveals Holes In Cloud Security

When your virtual or cloud based network has security holes in it, if somebody doesn’t already know about it, it won’t belong before somebody does. Cloud based services are becoming a big target for cyber criminals. These criminals have the time and ability to scan large portions of the Internet simply looking for vulnerabilities in random company networks. Sometimes these exposures can be from the provider itself.  An example of this can be seen with Cloudflare, which exposed user data from 3,400 websites in February of this year due to the way Cloudflare parsed HTML.

Sadly, it would almost be nice if these cyber criminals where the ones that we actually had to worry about the most. Advanced persistent threats (APT’s) are another real concern. These adversaries can be determined, efficient and ultimately devastating to not only your company, but your employees, your clients and company data.

It can be difficult for individuals within your company to really explore all of the ways that an outside source can (and will) attempt to exploit your security. That’s why it’s important for you to try to find a method of discovering theses holes in your security before they become a data breach. And if you’re trying to fight against hackers, who better than a company of ethical hacking professionals to show you the loopholes in your system?

The “crack” team at Superior Solutions can try their very best to crack into your system, but the difference is that they won’t do anything once they get in there. When you know you can trust your service provider, in this case: hackers, you know that you can trust the product they provide. Targeted reviews against your cloud based infrastructure and network will help you have a better understanding how malicious hackers and cyber criminals will act, react and carry out on devastating attacks against your company.

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