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Is Your Child Safe at Home?

Just as the internet can open your child up to the wonders of education, interactivity, and socialization, it can also let in risks such as viruses and mal-ware on your computers to the dangers such as predators, bullying, and identity theft. Continue reading

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Wikileaks Exposure Points to Bigger Data Security Problems in 2011

I was in DC recently and was looking at some WWII memorabilia that was used during the 1940’s to reinforce the importance of information security. While there were no modern computers, cell phones, or even Internet during this time, the … Continue reading

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Top Ten Places Cyber Criminals Go to Steal Your Identity

Are you ever uneasy about all the companies that want your social security number and other personal information?  A recent study compiled by McAfee, featured on eSecurity Planet, listed the top ten most hacked industries. While the Internet has brought … Continue reading

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