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Is Windows 10 Spying On You or Simply Building a Better User Experience?

Microsoft has come under fire from privacy advocates because many end-users feel that Window 10 is way too intrusive.  While it is true that much of this data is used to enhance user experience, Microsoft’s lack of transparency isn’t doing … Continue reading

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Grammar Undercuts Cyber Security When Using Long Computer Passwords

Certain long computer passwords may not provide as much cyber security as previously thought. A new study reports that passwords based on grammatical structure give away vital clues that make them more vulnerable to being cracked. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon … Continue reading

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CompTIA CASP Certification Training

The CASP exam has gone live and is now available for those interested in the certification.  I would rate this as a somewhat difficult test.  CompTIA is looking for ten years experience in network administration including at least five years … Continue reading

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CASP Exam Tips

CompTIA has updated the requirements for the CASP exam. They have added some equipment and vendor specific products. The CASP exam is going to cover a lot of advanced security topics.  Exam candidates will need to have basic knowledge of … Continue reading

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Michael Gregg Demo’s how Snooping on Strangers is Made Easy with Firesheep

I blogged about sidejacking last week.  This is a common threat and one that cyber security experts have identified as a major security flaw since at least 2004. Fox News asked Michael Gregg to stop by their studio and demonstrate … Continue reading

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Firesheep Hijacking Tool Makes Hacking For Dummies a Reality

Over the years, there has been a steady progression of polished, easy to use tools that have lowered the bar for hackers. Firesheep is a good example of one such tool. Firesheep was designed to highlight how many web sites … Continue reading

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