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The goal of the computer network and digital security whitepapers and downloads offered here are to help you better manage and mitigate the digital security risks inherent in doing business today.

Download any of the articles, tools, or PowerPoint slides below to learn more about a range of cyber security concerns, ethical hacking tips, and educational training aids focused on IT security.


Huffington Post Celebrities and high profile individuals are big targets for hackers.  In this post Michael Gregg discusses some of the ways they are targeted for cyber attack.

Rating the Hacking Threats -Michael Gregg is interviewed by about the change in cyber hacking tactics.   

CASP Certification Overview -Infosec Island asked if Michael Gregg would provide a breakdown of the the new CompTIA CASP certification. 

NPR Twitter Hacking Interview -Infosec expert, Michael Gregg, COO of Superior Solutions, was ask by NPR to speak on Twitter hacking and how social networking sites are used by cyber criminals. 

Hacktivist Continue Attacks -The recent rash of “hacktivism” -- hackers cyber-attacking everything from government web sites to Fortune 500 companies has made it impossible to ignore the holes in our national IT security infrastructure.

You Know You are Being Socially Engineered If - Hackers have more tools at their disposal and tricks up their sleeves this means that a lot of the time when breaches occur, they do so because of social engineering.

Save ways to bank from your smart phone -Smart phones make it so easy to get things done while you're on the go. More and more people are making purchases on their phones. Up to $1.2 billion in purchases in 2009, from $396 million in 2008. However, consumers aren't always taking the proper precautions while shopping on smart phones.

Six New Attacks to Watch For -Cons such as Blackhat and Defcon are the venues that many new hacks and vulnerabilities are released. This article discusses current exploit code that has been discussed at Blackhat.

DHS to Implement Cyber Security Controls -Pending legislation will give DHS some control over the Internet.  While some see this as needed control others fear such control may be misused. 

Safe Holiday Shopping -The holiday shopping season is a gold rush for online scammers and identity thieves. Learn the foundations of cyber security and how to protect yourself while online.

Business Week Access Creep -Access creep is a real problem in many companies today.  Over time this can allow individuals to have much greater access than should be allowed.

Fox News Social Network Attacks -Think Firesheep is the only thing social network users have to worry about?  Learn some basic tips on how to protect your business against social networking hacks.

Fox News Botnets and DDoS  -Michael Gregg, spoke with Fox news on the continued threat of Botnets and DDoS.

Greek Business News  -While being quoted in the Greek news is not our typical format we do appreciate the coverage.  COO of Superior Solutions, Michael Gregg, spoke on cell phone security and the growing vulnerabilities of these devices.

Experts Break Down the Browser Security Battle -Internet Explorer is the market share leader in web browsers, but is not the overwhelming favorite from a privacy standpoint.  COO of Superior Solutions, Michael Gregg, spoke on security issues of Internet Browsers to The Motley Fool. Hackers use browser to harvest usernames, credit card numbers, and more.

Moms Need IT Security Too -
Michael Gregg was interviewed by Women's Day Magazine and provided 10 basic tips for safe shopping on the Internet. Find out the most important dos and don’ts when it comes to safely navigating your way through the World Wide Web of online shopping.

Blackberry RIM Security Issues - The International Business Times asked Michael Gregg to comment on the announcement from governments from both UAE and Saudi Arabia that they may block email, instant messaging, and browsing from RIM's Blackberry devices.

Don't Fall Victim to Phishing Email Scams- Email remains one of the primary attack vectors for hackers and cyber criminals.  Do you know how to protect yourself?  Michael Gregg provides Fox News tips on how to avoid this persistent threat.

Why VPNs are Critical for Road Warriors -
Security managers must protect corporate data by ensuring that their road warriors are using a VPN. Mr. Gregg discusses these issues with TechTarget and providers readers with information on what can happen when you don't use a virtual private network on a wireless network.

On-line Safe Shopping - Michael Gregg is interviewed by Kiplinger magazine on how to protect yourself from online threats such as identity theft. Mr. Gregg, a cyber security consultant for Fortune 500 companies and the federal government, stated, "the volume of attacks that target Internet users has been on the rise this year."  Learn how to protect yourself from hackers and prevent identity theft.

Security Experts Urge Vigilance After Malware is Leaked to the Internet - While browser security has increased, many individuals continue to run older versions of browsers that have not been patched. Michael Gregg is interviewed by Fox News on the importance of keeping your applications and operating systems fully patched.

Cyber Security Continues to Top the News - Michael Gregg was quoted in the Romanian news on the Importance of cyber security.

SCADA Systems Could be Targeted in Cyber War - With cyber warfare already a major component of countries and terrorist groups, military efforts and concerns over cyber war continue as to what effect such attacks would have on critical infrastructure. Internet News asked Michael Gregg to comment on these concerns.

Smart Phone Hacking Threat Exists - Michael Gregg was interviewed by the New York Times on the threat of Smart phone hacking.  Mr. Gregg discussed the IT security issues and concerns with smart phones, ipads, and hand held digital devices.

War Driving - Who's Browsing Your Network? - Who's Browsing Your Wireless Network? - Sales of wireless networking equipment are on the rise as more organizations adopt wireless technology. Even though the overall awareness of wireless security issues has never been higher, hackers have no problem cracking these networks. This security breach can often lead to unauthorized access to the wired network as well.

Packet Filtering and ICMP - Gaining the skills to decode packet level communication can help in troubleshooting computer network problems, improve performance, and protect against cyber-attack.

The Security + Certification - Security+ certification requires you to pass a single exam costing $199. Although there's only one test, it covers a very wide range of security knowledge. If you are working toward the SCNA or CISSP exam, this is a good first step.

TCP/IP Addressing and Subnetting Tutorial - Networking requires you have a thorough understanding of how an IP address is built from binary and octets, what a subnet mask is, and what the default gateway is used for. This IP Subnetting tutorial and practice questions will help you gain those needed skills.

The CEH Certification - The Certified Ethical Hacker program has seen increased attention. As such, we have put together a free practice test for those studying for the 312-50 CEH exam.

RFID Trends — What to Expect with RFID and Security - Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are extremely small electronic devices that are comprised of a microchip and antenna. These devices send out small amounts of information when activated. Retailers are excited about this technology as it gives them the ability to forget about barcode scanning.



IT and Cyber Security Links, News, and Events


The cyber security experts at Superior Solutions, Inc. are frequently featured in leading publications, magazines, and at industry events. They focus on topics spanning the security landscape including IT compliance, government regulations, cyber security issues, network hacking, and identity theft.

Organizations must protect their most valuable, digital assets in an intelligent, measurable way. This is why Superior Solutions, Inc. security experts offer intelligent strategies that simplify security while fortifying organizations. The following links are provided as a service to help ethical hackers and anyone responsible for IT network security.

What the Hack, IT Security, Penetration Testing


ABC: Smart Phones and Cyber Security  - Michael  Gregg of Superior Solutions, Inc. set down with ABC news to discuss smart phone hacking and attacks such as SMiShing. 

NBC: Smart Phone Hacking  - Ethical hacking can make a difference.  After Michael Gregg demonstrates how easy it is to hack smart phones AT&T made changes to their security policy.  

NBC: Cell Phone Hacking  - Michael Gregg demonstrates how easy it is to break into someone's smartphone. Mr. Gregg teamed up with Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster to demonstrate how cell phones and voice mail can be hacked. 

Fox: Summer Cyber Security Tips  - Michael Gregg discusses some of the ways that attackers target individuals and how RFID hacking works.

Fox: Cyber Security Foundations  - Michael Gregg discusses rogueware, scareware, and other common attacks that online users must deal with.

Hackers Strike Back  - BNN Canada asked Michael Gregg to comment on the recent DDoS attacks on major websites in the wake of the jailing of WikiLeaks founder. In this interview Mr. Gregg discusses tools used to launch these attacks such as LOIC and what can be done to prevent these types of attacks.

Fox News: Firesheep  - Fox News asked Michael Gregg to stop by and demonstrate how easy it is for hackers to spy on Internet users. Anyone that uses public WiFi, Facebook, Twitter, or social networking sites should take a moment to look at this interview.

Fox: Wake Up Money  - Fox News interviewed Michael Gregg on cyber security foundations. Anyone concerned with IT security practices should take a look at this Internet security interview.

CBS: Smart phones Make Easy Targets for Hackers - Building on news of cell phone exploits released at this years BlackHat conference ethical hacker Michael Gregg, COO of Superior Solutions, Inc., is interviewed on common smart phone attack vectors. Mr. Gregg demonstrates some common methods used to target sell phones from interception, sniffing, cloning, and Caller ID spoofing.

BNN: Blackberrys and Smart Phones a Growing Target - The Business News Network looks at how foreign governments want to monitor Blackberry communications. Michael Gregg, founder and COO of Superior Solutions, Inc., is interviewed on this security issue and on previous attempts to hack Blackberry devices and other smartphones.

Fox News: Online Privacy - Michael Gregg, COO of Superior Solutions, is interviewed by Fox news. The interview focuses on how websites make it easy for individuals to spy on you and much of your personal information.

Web Cam HackingWhile fall out from a recent school web cam spying incident continues to make the news, cyber security expert Michael Gregg, is interviewed by KWGN in Denver about a much bigger problem, how web cams and other technologies can be hacked. For those interested in low tech hacking, Michael Gregg shows how a simple Google search will uncover scores of unprotected web cams.

CBS News Reports on Ethical Hacker Training - Michael Gregg talks to CBS news about the importance of ethical hacking and how more needs to be done to protect critical infrastructure.

Hackers Using a Web Cam to Spy on You - Michael Gregg, COO of Superior Solutions, is featured on Dallas TV discussing how hackers can use clickjacking and wrapped pdf files to execute malware on computers.  Such techniques can be used to capture keystrokes or turn on webcams.

ESPN: What the Hack! - Cyber security expert Michael Gregg,  is interviewed by ESPN news when a French judge issued a national arrest warrant for Floyd Landis and his coach in connection with a case of computer hacking at a French doping laboratory.

CNBC: There is a virus for that - Ethical hacker Michael Gregg  explains the new threats facing Apple iPhone users and security issues related to Apple iPhone exploits released at Black Hat. Business users should be aware of possible security risks to sensitive data stored on smart phones and mobile devices.

KIAH News: Interview on iPhone Trojan Apps - Security experts such as Michael Gregg are warning that Storm8 and Aurora Feint may be just a few of the Trojan applications that can be downloaded for the Apple iPhone.  Learn more about how these threats target iPhone and jailbroken iPhone devices.

Fox Business News: Google Hacking - This segment appeared on Fox News and discusses why China is a risky environment for U.S. businesses worried about hacking and loss of intellectual property.

Houston TV Interview: IE Threat - This segment appeared on Houston local news and features Michael Gregg discussing browser hijacking.

CBS News: Browser Hijacking - This segment appeared on a CBS evening news show and features Michael Gregg discussing Internet Explorer browser hijacking.  Learn how hackers target Internet users.

TV News: Basic Internet Security - Michael Gregg, cyber security expert and ethical hacker, offers tips for staying safe online this holiday shopping season. This informative segment appeared on a Houston TV morning show.

CyberMonday - Michael Gregg is interviewed by a local TV affiliate, KIAH Channel 39 Houston, on cyber security and safe online shopping tips for the holidays. Take a look to learn some easy security best practices for shopping online.

Cyber-Terrorism - Michael Gregg is interviewed by NPR on cyber- terrorism and on the role of ethical hacking. Mr. Gregg stated, "Ethical hacking and penetration testing plays a critical role in helping secure this nation's critical infrastructure." The audio content can be found here

Hackers Target Cell Phones - Michael Gregg is interviewed by ABC news on the threats of cell phone hacking. Mr. Gregg was quoted in the television interview as saying, "cell phones are like computers were in the early 90s, before firewalls and anti-virus software. One wrong click on an incoming text or e-mail and all the information on your phone becomes instantly vulnerable."

New Cell Phone Risk - While we have had to live with botnets for quite some time, Mr. Michael Gregg demonstrates what many believe is the first proof of concept cell phone botnet. Such a tool could be used to infect a users cell phone without his or her knowledge.  

Hacker Halted - Information on Michael Gregg's presentation at Hacker Halted. Not long ago, hackers concentrated their efforts on malicious software that was designed for recognition, fame, and glory. Today's information age attack vectors have changed.

ACFEI Conference - Join Michael Gregg at the ACFEI conference as he will walk attendees through a computer attack, detailing how the criminal moves from foot printing a system to gaining complete control.

Teaching Computer Security - Michael Gregg is interviewed by the El Paso Times newspaper on Computer Hacking. He stated, "You are constantly fighting trying to keep hackers from getting into your network. We teach people how to proactively handle attacks and defeat hackers."

Security Assessment - Michael Gregg met with Jamaican officials and was asked to speak of the importance of computer security and how to better secure government facilities.  

Network Penetration Testing - Have you ethically hacked your business network? Michael Gregg was interviewed by and explains why ethical hacking is an important activity.  More than half of the respondents had not conducted a network penetration test.

Penetration Testing Training - Superior Solutions received a warm welcome in San Antonio during a recent ethical hacking training event for military personal. This article appeared in the San Antonio Express News.


EC-Council - EC-Council offers a portfolio of e-Business certifications including ethical hacking (CEH) and digital forensics for IT security professionals seeking specialized knowledge and advancement in career opportunities.

ISC2 - A global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to Maintaining a Common Body of Knowledge for Information Security [IS] and certifying industry professionals and practitioners in an international IS standard administering training and certification examinations. 

Information Systems Audit and Control Association - ISACA offers two well-known security certifications: Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA) and the the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification. CISA and CISA testing is performed twice a year.


Ethical Hacking Tools - Looking for the best security tools? Check out this great list complied by Anyone in the security field would be well advised to go over the list and investigate the ethical hacking and security tools they are unfamiliar with.

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